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First-generation Planning Poker tools are Outdated

First-generation Online Planning Poker tools began gaining traction in the early 2010s and became even more common with the rise of distributed teams in the early 2020s. Teams needed a way to collaborate more effectively during backlog refinement.

Today, the first-generation tools have become outdated, as teams now point stories within their Backlog with a single click. Moreover, Scrum masters spend no time setting up their tools before each session as there is No Setup.

Smart Guess is the first and only tool on the market taking this approach, and customers are delighted!

How is this approach better?

In essence, there are two reasons:

  1. If No Setup is possible, every step during setup is time wasted.
  2. If One Click is possible, every extra click is time wasted.

So what? Current tools aren't that bad!

It might be okay to spend a minute of your own time. But when a large part of your development organization takes part in refinement, it quickly adds up.

For a development organization of 200 members, one minute wasted during refinement will cost you USD 14K every year. With Smart Guess, teams are saving many times that every year.

What do you mean, where is time being lost?

When Scrum masters/ Agile team leads have got their Jira Backlog ready for refinement, with first-generation tools:

Just to get started you

  1. Open up a browser - enter planinngpokertool.com
  2. Log in / create a profile
  3. Create an estimation game
  4. Add stories to the game
  • Type in stories one by one
  • Export Jira cvs, import cvs into game
  1. Share the game with your team

Here is a quick video showing all the steps users need to complete:

Even if you only need to re-estimate a single-story, these are the steps required.

How is Smart Guess different?

Once you have your Backlog ready, you are all set for refinement. With Smart Guess, there is No Setup. All your settings are stored, so it only point and click:

Comparing multiple tools, only one stands out

It's one thing to claim effectiveness and another to prove it. A customer moving to Smart Guess from the Online Planning Poker tool shared:

"We trialed Smart Guess and many other alternatives across several refinement sessions until we found one we were happy with."

It speaks volumes about Smart Guess, which emerged as the preferred choice after multiple trials - including tools claiming 90,000 active users.

Security and Reliability - Peace of mind for you

Unlike most other providers who host their infrastructure, Smart Guess is built on Atlassian Forge. Forge is the latest development platform created to meet customers' highest Security and Reliability demands. The Forge platform provides built-in security and Atlassian-hosted infrastructure. So, if you trust Atlassian Jira Cloud with tools and data critical for your operation, you already trust the platform Smart Guess is using—peace of mind for you.

In summary

Smart Guess offers a seamless, straightforward, secure, and reliable solution for teams transitioning from First-generation Planning Poker tools. It ensures that the primary focus remains on refining and scoring stories without the unnecessary complexities and wasted time traditional tools mandate.

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