'The most efficient app for asynchronous estimations'

Customer review from Frederick Founder &CEO @ Oakfields.io

Smart Guess identified as an alternative to the market leader

Frederik Schottey, Founder & CEO at www.oakfields.io, explained his team member identified Smartguess as an alternative to one of the most widely used apps on the market.

Once they decided to switch over to Smart Guess, Frederick explained:

The most efficient app we could find for doing asynchronous estimations. While other apps send you off to specific 'estimation' pages, Smart Guess allows you to do the entire estimation process right from the issue. Making the entire estimation process lightweight & intuitive, not yet another task team members have to complete."

Not close to matching functionality, yet drastically simplifies sprint planning

Even though Smart Guess isn't even close to providing the functionality and options market leaders have, Smart Guess drastically simplifies sprint planning. End of the day, helping teams getting things done is what matters.

More information on how Smart Guess drastically simplifies sprint planning, compared to current market leaders, see the post 'Are you wasting your time on outdated tools?'

Just getting started, exciting improvements in the works

Furthermore, Frederick explained one additional problem his team is dealing with when using Asynchronous estimations. A problem no vendor in the marketplace is currently addressing. The team at Smart Guess is excited to be working on solving this problem and can't wait to make it available shortly.

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