Planning Poker is not always the best tool for the job

Using Planning Poker and going into details about each story is perfect for refinement when you need good clarity before starting a sprint.

However, when planning work for a longer horizon and estimating many stories, it's easy to get lost in details when discussing a single story.

That's why having more than one tool for the job is essential.

"My teams are struggling with estimation tools, we have tried everything with little to no success"
Silent Estimation by Smart Guess allows teams to estimate large number of stories faster

For longer planning horizons, teams use Bucket Estimation and move fast

With Bucket Estimation, teams more easily leave detailed discussions for later, perfect for long-term planning.

Finding the correct 'bucket' for each story comes naturally, meaning teams estimate large backlogs faster using this method.

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"My teams been struggling with estimation tools. We tried everything with little success.!
Use the right tool for the job

Don't spend more time than needed

Planning Poker isn't the right tool for the job when you need to estimate a large backlog of epics and stories quickly. 

Silent Estimation is specifically built to move fast on estimates during the early stages of a project.

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What our customers aspire to accomblish

Build Trust and Predictability with Your Estimates

Our customers quickly assess the effort of upcoming work. Using the initial estimates as timeboxes for implementation, stakeholders built trust and predictability in their plans.

This changes the conversations about estimates for the better.

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