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How much worth is your team's time?

Are you considering spending +$10k/year on a 'free tool'?

Did you know there are free alternatives to Smart Guess? Free is often great, but not always.

Some teams pay more than USD 10k annually in lost time. People adopting these tools forget a crucial fact: Your development team's time is not free.

The following post shares a case example showing how only 1 minute saved quickly adds up:

Save $1000's every year with Smart Guess

Monthly or Yearly subscriptions

Billed through Atlassian, you sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription.

When your subscription renews, you are billed based on the number of active users in your Jira Cloud instance.

Smart Guess Pricing

The table below shows the price for a specific number of Jira Cloud users.

For your exact price, check out the Atlassian pricing calculator below.

Team SizeMonthly / user

(avarage cost)

App cost
10USD 0Free

1 - 10 users

100USD 0.92$92

for 100 users

250USD 0.67$167

for 250 users

1000USD 0.39$392

for 1000 users

Free for up to 10 users - 30 day free trial for others

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