T-shirt estimates now available

Smart Guess for Planning Poker - screenshot displaying a T-shirt estimate card deck

Introducing T-shirt estimates

Teams can now use T-shirt estimates in Smart Guess. So if you prefer using T-shirt estimates for larger backlog items and Story points when refining your sprint backlog, you now can.

It takes only one click to switch between, and it's fully configurable. Here is how it works:

This video shows how T-shirt estimates in Smart Guess work

T-shirt estimates for Team-managed projects

T-shirt estimates are available for Company-managed projects and are not supported yet for Team-managed projects. As soon as Jira Cloud support is in place, T-shirt estimates will also be made available for Team-managed projects.

Updating to the latest version

To update to the latest version:

  1. Click "Apps -> Manage Apps" from the Jira top navigation
  2. Find "Smart Guess" in the list and click "Update" ManageApp-UpdateToLatest.png

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