'The most efficient app for asynchronous estimations'

Customer review from Frederick Founder &CEO @ Oakfields.io

Review #1 - Smart Guess identified as an alternative to the market leader

Frederik Schottey, Founder & CEO at www.oakfields.io, explained his team members identified Smartguess as the best app on the market.

Once they decided to switch over to Smart Guess, Frederick explained:

The most efficient app we could find for doing asynchronous estimations. While other apps send you off to specific 'estimation' pages, Smart Guess allows you to do the entire estimation process right from the issue. Making the entire estimation process lightweight & intuitive, not yet another task team members have to complete."

Review #2 - After trying many tools, Smart Guess is the best app we've used

Another user explained:

After trying many planning estimation tools in Jira, we landed on Smart Guess. By estimating stories directly in the card view itself, Smart Guess is not only the most efficient but the best app we've used.

Review #3 When looking at a story in Jira, users love ❤️ being able to Point and Click

Users love the simplicity:

I love that we can point from the card itself. This app also gives an easy and quick way for multiple developers (in multiple locations) to point cards without being influenced by the more bold team members. I highly recommend it!

Smart Guess - Planning Poker app that doesn't suck

Running efficient planning poker estimation with your team every week can feel like a grind, but it doesn't have to. With Smart Guess, you don't have to constantly rationalize or push your team to provide estimates. Those days are over.

Why? When teams start using Smart Guess, the story estimation effort drops significantly, powered by one-click estimates within the Jira issue.  

In addition, development teams start giving an estimate with a single click when browsing the backlog without anyone asking them to do so.

For more information on how Smart Guess drastically simplifies sprint planning compared to current market leaders, see the post 'Are you wasting your time on outdated tools?'

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